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Welcome To Nutristark

As people worldwide, owing to higher life expectancy, start living longer, their focus on living healthier increases. No wonder, the Nutraceuticals market is expanding tremendously and a lot of innovation is happening in the genre of healthcare supplements. This is where Nutristark comes in.

Nutristark gives the world an opportunity to gel well with health, with world class healthcare supplements & vitamins In the form of delicious Gummies, the company envisions revolutionizing health for people across the globe.

India is in tremendous need of Nutraceuticals among all age groups. Due to our busy schedules & hectic lifestyles we have started ignoring health on all counts. We skip breakfast, forget to eat lunch & then end up consuming loads of unhealthy or junk food for appetite satiety. Nutrition has become less of a priority for masses which has led to many disorders ranging from obesity to chronic disorders.

Children are putting on calories but not gaining enough vitamins & minerals.

Though a wide range of vitamins & multi minerals are available but the compliance is very poor because of  Bad Taste, After Taste & Swallowing Problems.

Nutristark saw this rising need as an opportunity to come up with a delightful way to introduce healthy eating habits across the nation. Our Gummy supplements are unique owing to their tasteful appearance. These supplements & vitamins are loaded with nutrients as they are developed from vegetarian sources retaining natural flavours & colours.

Plus, these are totally free of gelatin, wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, soy, nuts, peanuts & artificial flavors. These Gummies are Made in India with Tech Know-how from Europe & USA.

Gummy Vitamins Supplements are the fastest growing category in the Vitamin Segment today. It has been accepted Worldwide by both Children & Adults.

The ease of “Convenience Dosages” & “Enjoyment Factor” of gummies have gained much appreciation & acceptance.

We at Nutristark unlocked the concept of Futuristic Vitamins with the launch of all the variants of Vitamins as per RDA.

Facts about Gummy Vitamins

Vitamin supplements are incredibly popular all over the world. Many people believe that taking vitamins can improve health or compensate for a poor diet.
There are several different types of vitamins, including chewable gummies.
Gummy vitamins have a pleasant taste and are easy to take. However, most varieties contain added sugars and may not list nutrient content accurately on their labels.

Gummy vitamins are chewable vitamins that have a texture and taste similar to gummy candies and come in a variety of flavors, colors, and shapes.

They’re one of the most popular types of vitamins.

These vitamins appeal to children — as well as adults — who may not like swallowing pills.

Gummy vitamins are commonly made from gelatin, corn starch, water, sugar, and added colorings. Popular flavors include lemon, raspberry, cherry, and orange.
They may include several vitamins and minerals or just a few select nutrients, such as vitamin D and calcium.

Potential Benefits

Gummy vitamins have several upsides, including their desirable taste and the nutrients they provide.

May Provide Beneficial Nutrients

Since they’re loaded with nutrients, gummy vitamins may benefit some populations.

Many people consume vitamins to make sure they’re getting all of the nutrients they need.

While this is a common practice, research suggests that most people who eat a balanced diet do not need to take multivitamins

However, some people may benefit from supplements, including those who don’t eat certain foods, struggle to absorb some nutrients, or have increased nutrient needs. Affected groups include vegans, older adults, children, and pregnant women

Gummy vitamins are a good alternative to pills for these populations.

Flavorful and Easy to Take

Many people prefer gummy vitamins to pills due to their fruity flavors and candy-like taste.

This is one of the reasons why they appeal to children who may otherwise be picky eaters

In addition, gummy vitamins are easy to chew and can usually be taken by people who have difficulty swallowing pills.

As such, gummy vitamins may be simpler for both kids and adults to add to their routines and consume on a more consistent basis than other multivitamins.

Even though gummy vitamins may be a good idea for certain people, but many of the available brands have some downsides as it may contain added sugars, sugar alcohols or food colorings. Also various brands contain different amounts of Nutrients than listed.

Nutristark’s range of Gummy Vitamins are totally free of gelatin, gluten, milk, eggs, soy, tree, nuts, peanuts, sugar & artificial flavours.